What is Naturopathy ?

"The main goal of Naturopathy is to
 identify the profound cause of a disease and to remedy it."

Naturopathy is an art and a science, which aims to promote an optimal level of health using natural and ecological means. 

Naturopathy helps the body to heal itself naturally. It looks at a person as a whole (body, spirit, and environment).  So it takes in consideration many aspects of the person in order the help the body to get back to health.  This way, all recommendations are adapted to the precise particularities of the individual.

Here in Quebec, I had the chance to learn two different type of Naturopathy, Hygienism from Europe and Functional Medicine from the United States.  The first one is about really changing our lifestyle for a healthier one; it is about education, detox, nutrition and being close to nature, our real nature.  The other is a more modern relying on scientific knowledge and tools to precisely understand the functioning of the body. Integrationist Naturopathy is my main field of study. It combines both American and European techniques.

The Main Role of a Naturopath

The main role that I have as a Naturopath is to help the individual to obtain optimal health by supporting the body to find its balance, but also to teach you how to preserve your health with your own particularities by acquiring healthy life habits

A certified Naturopath considers the person as a whole. She considers illness as a symptom of a dysfunction, which needs to be identified by seeking the fundamental cause of the ailment. A certified Naturopath seeks to treat the causes of disease, rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms in order to strengthen the body's own ability to regain and maintain health.

Live To Your Full Health Potential !