About Consultations


Upon booking your first appointment, you will be given instructions in preparation for the first meeting, consisting of forms to fill out, a food journal, etc.

The first meeting consist of a general Overall Naturopathic VITALITY Health Assessment (questionnaires, biometrics tests, your life habits, medical history, defining your needs and desires). It’s an investigation to determine the possible cause of your different health problems and determine your body vitality.

At the end of this first meeting, some initial recommendations will be given.


After studying your case, the first part of your personalize program will be given to you in writing with explanations on your overall health vitality. This part is about WHAT and WHY. 


The second part of your program and the next… and fallow-up

The second part of your program and the next… and fallow-up
You will received the next parts of your health program. The program is given in monthly increments because it is important to make change gradually, especially food habits With multiple health problems the healing takes times.  It is also during the fallow-up that we make adjustments to your recommendations, perhaps other tests and answer questions. During the follow-up, support will be giving to help integrate the recommendations and new life habits.  These consultations and the rest are also about HOW TO and COACHING


*      Nutritional recommendations,

*      Personalize and curative food program

*      Natural remedies: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essentials fatty acids, amino acids, medicinal plants, essentials oils, pre and probiotics, enzymes, homeopathy, Bach flowers, etc.

*      Advices on how to support and revitalize the body so that it works at its best.

*      Recommendations on ways to gently detoxify the body, when needed, and precisely adapted for the person needs.

*      Tips on managing stress and emotions

*      Techniques of self-massaging meridians or specific exercises

*      Natural ways to care for the skin

*      Facilitate the acquiring of new nutritional habits

*      Support and coaching


  • Tests of screening allergies, heavy metals, free radicals
  • Tests of screening functional diseases(intestine, stomach, adrenal)
  • Tests of screening of deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, trace elements)
  •  Evaluation of vitality