About Marie-Josee Rioux

Marie-Josée Rioux ND.A. 
Certified Naturopath
Nutritional and Health Coach
Author and Teacher 
Member of ANAQ *

Marie-Josée Rioux is a Naturopath with over twenty years' experience in healthy nutrition.  She also regularly writes articles and blogs. She is the author of a cookbook for beginners and is currently writing a second book (in French). For the last ten years, she has run her own practice and teaches nutrition and health related subjects.  She has also animated numerous cooking class and given conferences, all in order to help others to take back their health in their own hands. Because of her knowledge, experience and intuition, she is known for her abilities to help, listen and understand people, but also to coach them into taking action.

A little bit of my story.

Since I have known her, my mother has always been sick. Very early on, I have known sickness and I had have that heritage, for too I have been sick and progressively sicker since I was 12 years old.  At the age of 21, I was diagnosed, but unfortunately no medical remedy was available for my disease (now I would say very fortunately). In order to get better, I had to take my health into my own hand.  I started studying my glandular problem and nutrition.   That is when I radically change my nutritional habits and that has change my life completely! 

Of course, I also had the difficulties that comes from changing your choice of foods. That is why, a few years later; I started helping others change their nutrition by  grocery shopping with them and teaching them how to make healthy choices and healthy recipes. That was in 1994. Two years later, I published my cookbook for beginners.  I realize that is what I wanted to do in life, helping others with the most precious thing: being healthy.

Therefore, in 2000, I started to study in Naturopathy and the many aspect of health besides foods.  In fact, in 2001, I got a thyroid problem that put my life in danger, again I chose to heal myself and learned that nutrition has to be personalize to each person. I worked in cleaning my environment and healed myself of stress. My knowledge was grew and is still growing to this day, since I am always learning and researching !

I started to work in my field in 2004 and I can say Health is my passion.  My purpose is to educate, help and inspire my clients to take their health into their own hand.  As a Naturopath, I have many resources and tools to guide you toward your goal. You have my support, I wish you well.

To the pleasure of meeting you…!

*What distinguishes a Certified Naturopath?
  • ·         Reserved title of ND.A. given to member of ANAQ ;
  • ·         Training ;
  • ·         Deontology code ;
  • ·         Rules and regulations ;
  • ·         Professional practice aid;
  • ·         Mandatory continuing education.
The title ND.A., following a naturopath's name, is a confirmation that he/she has received full accreditation in naturopathy after having completed a minimum of 1400 hours of courses (four years), tutoring excluded. Certified naturopaths have completed theoretical and practical studies in an academic institution that meets the criteria of the ANAQ core program. (Advanced formation of anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, nutrition, medicinal plants, clinical evaluation and deontology. etc.)