Services offered


  1. Overall Naturopathic Health Assessment, (screening of deficiencies, evaluation of vitality)
  2. Personalize Health and Nutritional Program (curative and preventive)
  3. Recommendations and Coaching

My specialties

  •   Endocrinal troubles (pancreas, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands and ovaries),
  •   Skin and weight problems,
  •   Digestive troubles, 
  •  Sleep issues
  •   Stress managements,
  •   Personalized detox
  •   Personalized Bach flowers remedy
* Insurance receipt available

Laboratories tests available and other regular tests: 
  • Minerals, trace elements and heavy metals analysis,
  • Food allergies tests, 
  • Comprehensive stools test analysis (candida, parasites, etc.),
  • Screening deficiencies
  • Iridology,
  • Others as needed.

Live To Your Full Health Potential !